Don't Ignore the Scary Parts — Luisa Santos: Ep 8

In our eighth episode, Luisa Santos candidly lays out the origins of Lulu's Nitrogen Ice Cream and her fascination with nitrogen ice cream, the value of naivety and "winging it," the nitty-gritty challenges of finances and the red tape of opening a business, building/maintaining company culture, (im)perfectionism and more. 

Luisa is the founder of Lulu's Nitrogen Ice Cream, which she established in Miami, FL in 2015 with a prime storefront location on Biscayne Boulevard. While Lulu’s proudly sources local ingredients and liquid nitrogen to create the freshest ice cream from scratch, at the heart of Luisa’s business is education, community and sustainability.

It's Not That Easy to Breathe — LÜM: Ep 7

Lina and Caro of LÜM discuss their first major community wellness event, the value of simply starting a project and of keeping an open mind when running your own business, the importance of breathing and much more.

Founded in 2015 by Lina Chaparro and Carolina Montoya, LÜM is a multidisciplinary project focused on mindfulness, well being, understanding and self-empowerment. Through workshops and events incorporating yoga, meditation, oriental medicine, acupressure, crystals and more, Lina and Caro educate and guide others in balancing mind and body. 


There Are No One-Person Chihuahua Packs — AMLgMATD: Ep 6

Natalia Zlamalova and Laz Ojalde of AMLgMATD discuss the challenges and rewards of creative partnerships and collaborations, how nostalgia can inform one's work, art vs design, key lime pie and more.

AMLgMATD is the multidisciplinary studio and funhouse of artists/designers Natalie Zlamalova & Laz Ojalde. Wit, humor and nostalgia inform their practice, which ranges from furniture and painting to environments and sculptures. Their work has recently been shown at the Maker Faire Miami, International Contemporary Furniture Fair and UNTITLED Art Fair, Miami Beach.

500 Bad Ideas — Daniel Clapp: Ep 5

With Daniel Clapp, we cover failed ideas, being one's own obstacle, originality (or lack thereof), modular synths, psychedelic kung-fu movies, disco, painting and more.

Daniel Clapp is a visual artist, DJ and electronic musician performing in numerous projects such as Nightly Closures, Das SaD and Chilean Minors. He was based in NY for several years, showing with Giacobetti Paul Gallery in Brooklyn before returning to Miami to continue his art and music-making practice and to work as preparator for the de la Cruz Collection.

Your Niche Will Marry You — Kate Torregrosa: Ep 4

The Velvet Party's Kate Torregrosa talks to us about the financial challenges of starting her own business, brand loyalty via social media, her design process, Bernie Sanders swim suits and much more. 

Kate Torregrosa is the Colombian-born, Miami-based founder and designer behind The Velvet Party, an independent, bespoke festival and swimwear brand and online retail company. She is involved in every step of the process, designing, producing and marketing her made-to-order pieces. 

Work Can Be Your Lover — Karina Iglesias: Ep 3

Managing three businesses is no easy task. Karina Iglesias talks openly and irreverently about how she balances her ventures, loving Billy Ocean more than Michael Jackson, how starting her own business meant freedom for her and her daughter, and more.

Karina Iglesias is the Co-founder & Managing Partner of NIU Kitchen, a Catalan style eatery with a flare for the surreal, Co-founder of Second Miami, a “tropical vintage” shop with distinctly Miami charm and Co-Founder of Arson, a josper-centric restaurant. 

It's Like Tennis — Amanda Keeley: Ep 2

Amanda Keeley, artist, curator, writer and founder of EXILE Books speaks candidly about shifting gears from New York to Miami, the spirit of collaboration, community building, balancing multiple creative roles and so much more in our second episode.

EXILE Books is a pop-up artist’s bookstore migrating to different venues around Miami and presenting a thematically curated selection of titles with public programming.

Why Don't You Trust Yourself — Jordan Magid: Ep 1

Jordan Magid shares with us how he let his first venture go, didn't go to med school, realized the importance of company culture and more.

Jordan is a social entrepreneur working at the intersection of arts, civic education & urban development. He’s also the founder/managing partner of Unconventional, a creative consultancy using art to elevate businesses’ brand cultural and social impact.