No Wrong Notes — Nick Mencia & Oly: Ep 23

Trust, ego, chemistry, playing off of strengths & weaknesses, preserving & sharing ideas and empowering your peers — just a few things we cover with singer-songwriters Nick Mencia and Oly in our conversation about creative partnerships and collaborations. 

Nick and Oly are members of the newly-formed country supergroup Nick County & The Rainbow Smoke, which includes the respective talents of musicians Rick Moon, Jorge Graupera, Corey Perez, Juan Ledesma and Jason Mavila. 

Oly is a singer-songwriter, DJ and founder of Let’s Sang, a classic karaoke event for music nerds at Wynwood bar, Gramps. She also organizes LASH Wynwood, a female DJ collective. 

Nick Mencia is a singer-songwriter, UX designer and self-proclaimed Chihuahua lover. He released his first album, In the Valley of the Red Sun as Nick County in 2017.