Pleasant Surprises, Not Pleasant Surprises — Melody Santiago Cummings: Ep 14

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Melody Santiago Cummings, Operations Manager for O,Miami, walks us through O,Miami Festival 2017, when the organization's founder and director was hospitalized for most of the month. Rather than simply play proxy, she found new perspectives to her position and a heightened sense of purpose and community. If you skip to the end, you can hear Melody recite one of her favorite poems (hint: it involves eggs), but then you’d miss all the juicy stuff about goats and dogs, being “busy,” the importance of rolling with the punches and more.

Melody has over 10 years of experience in arts administration, business development, community organizing, event planning and publishing under her belt. She is the Operations Manager for O, Miami, a non-profit organization dedicated to building literary arts & culture in Miami, Florida. O,Miami’s programming includes an annual month-long poetry festival, a publishing imprint and a poets-in-schools residency, among others that expand access to poetry. Melody also serves as Managing Director for Jai-Alai Books, O, Miami’s independent publishing arm.