Give Yourself a Break — Kira Tippenhauer: Ep 25

At the end of 2018, Kira Tippenhauer found herself signing the lease of her very own ceramic studio, a vision she hadn’t planned on realizing any time soon. She shares what lead her to open a space sooner rather than later and how her experience called into question her own abilities and sense of self-worth.

We discuss intuition, self-forgiveness & awareness, creating literal and figurative spaces for ourselves, embracing the imperfect, knowing when to work and when to rest and more. 

Kira is an artist and the owner of Kiramade, a design line of modern, handmade ceramic homeware inspired by her Afro-Caribbean roots and Haitian heritage. 

Kira moved to Miami from Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 2004. Since earning her MFA in Visual Arts from Miami International University of Art & Design in 2011, she continues to exhibit her collage work and ceramics locally and abroad. 

Kira incorporates collaborative teaching in her art practice, offering ceramic workshops and classes to people of all ages through her business.