The Spaces That We Move In — GeoVanna Gonzalez: Ep 29

What does it mean to be at home? Where and with whom do we get to call home? Who gets to claim space? These questions are extremely charged in the context of urban development, where ‘home’ literally is in flux.

GeoVanna Gonzalez offers an artist and curator’s perspective to these questions as we talk about her art & community space Supplement Projects. We talk about what it means for artists to claim and create within space and the part they may play in shifting urban landscapes. For GeoVanna, the role of the artist & curator is undeniably tied to serving community and perhaps for holding, or hosting rather, space to connect with others, develop relationships, build homes - however you define it.

GeoVanna is a multidisciplinary artist and curator based between Miami and Berlin. She founded Supplement Projects, an alternative art & community space exploring ideas of domesticity within the urban landscape. As an artist, GeoVanna works with ideas of translation and forms of communication in today’s technological and consumer-driven culture. As a curator, she is interested in collective practice, working outside of institutional spaces and providing a platform for people of diverse backgrounds to have face-to-face conversations and interactions. GeoVanna also co-founded the collaborative project Coin In / Coin Out with artist Angel Garcia and the international reading club and performance art collective Read What You Want.