Spirituality is the CEO — Baiser Beauty: Ep 15

(Note: Due to technical difficulties, only the last half of the show was captured, though the Baiser ladies keep things real, insightful and fun until the end.) 

From frequenting pawn shops to make ends meet, stressing to the point of imagining one’s own early death and taking a chance on an out-of-budget PR agency — Erika Arguello and Maria Copello remind us that, despite the dread and anxiety that come with going after what you want, it’s important to have fun, to work with others to bring out our best ideas (and selves) and to approach things with a mix of spirituality, authenticity and humor. 

Erika and Maria founded Baiser Beauty in 2014 with a vision of living more conscious lives. Using the natural beauty around us to enhance the natural beauty within us, their products utilize organic, plant-based, aromatherapeutic-grade ingredients, old family recipes, and the spiritual, physical and healing principles of Mayan Medicine for a more holistic approach to skincare and cosmetics. 

Community-minded, they also conduct natural beauty workshops for the women of Lotus House among other non-profits and donate 10% of their sales to a number of organizations such as Miami Rescue Mission, Pridelines Community Center and the National Voices for Equality. 

Baiser Beauty has been featured in publications such as such as Nylon Magazine, Paper Magazine and Hello Giggles and are stocked at Urban Outfitters as well as internationally.