The Show

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Falling flat on your face. Banging your head against a wall. Going down in flames. Having no idea what you’re doing, but somehow doing it anyway. 

This is Kidnapped for Dinner: conversations about the disorienting moments in the creative process.

The Host


Kristen Soller is a tropical fruit native to the Sunshine State, currently based in Miami. 

She has over five years of experience with helping others to verbally and visually tell their stories and with developing creative campaigns from start to finish. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Miami.

Seeing the potential of audio storytelling to continue to help others, she produces Kidnapped for Dinner. The show looks beyond success in terms of accomplishments and accolades and examines the challenges that come with trying to live out a fulfilling, creative life. Vulnerability is seen as a means to find meaning, identity and purpose.

Kristen currently freelances as a graphic designer, copywriter and project manager. She is also always thinking about food and is easily excited about what to cook/eat next.


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